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Farm Shop

Opened on 1st June 2020

Opened our farm shop today, went so well. We have such lovely neighbours in the village who were supporting us and it was really nice to have a chat and just be normal again (despite the mask and social distancing). A new experience for sure and one we are thoroughly enjoying.

Farm shop at the Shipwrights

Following suggestions from our customers (thank you) we have extended our veg and fruit range.

Fruit and veg range

Social Distancing

social distancing in the garden


Annie Kirk

Well done Selena and Steve! It was fun to be an early customer - to see locals enjoying a coffee and a suitably sensibly spaced-out chat! The new potatoes (Cornish) are a lovely variety - they taste buttery even before the bit of melted butter added the final touch of deliciousness tonight! Looking forward to choosing Brixham fish from your little shop in the garden! Fab start - you couldn’t ask for better weather!

Jane Ott

Good fish on sale, good luck x

Susan Ellis

You are such an enterprising couple well done to you both.

Deborah Box

Wishing you lots of good luck. Brilliant idea. Looking forward to visiting your shop, particularly the fish and seafood selection. Very frustrating, not to be able to buy fish, when we are surrounded by water, and that Shaldon is a fishing village. I enjoy cooking, and fish is one of my favourite meals.

Buddy Buddie

Absolutely wonderful, adapting in these times and the garden looks GREAT! Will be over this week with some bags!!!